MED 100 Term I Occupational Lecture I
Provides information about the basic concepts of organic chemistry, general principles of physics, biochemical compounds, their synthesis and degredation, biophysical principles, cell membranes, signal transduction pathways, cell structure, flow of genetic information, basic concepts of anatomy, behavioral psychology, history of medicine as well as teach internet, computer and biostatistics in medicine and perform their applications. Develop practical skills of the students through laboratory courses in the topics of biochemistry, physiology, histology, anatomy and medical biology.

MED 200 Term II Occupational Lecture II
Provides knowledge about the structure and functions of tissues, organs and systems of the body, their interactions with each other and disease-causing microorganisms.

MED 300 Term III Occupational Lecture III
Provides information about the morphological changes (both microscopic and macroscopic) in the organism caused by diseases, etiopathogenesis of diseases, clinical and laboratory findings, medications used in treatment as well as the public health and forensic medicine applications.

MED 401 Internal Medicine Clerkship
In line with the previously given clinical course information;  to synthesize, update and consolidate the internal medicine information obtained from different branches, teach and practice history taking and basic physical exam rules in the clinic, ensure that the students can formulate an appropriate differential diagnosis and effective treatment plans, teach how to reach necessary resources to combine the symptoms and clinical findings.

MED 402  Pediatrics Clerkship
Provide basic knowledge and skills of pediatrics.

MED 403  Gynecology and Obstetrics Clerkship
Provides sufficient knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat gynecological and obstetrics diseases as expected from a medical doctor.

MED 404  General Surgery Clerkship
Provides general information about general surgery, explains the pathophysiological basis of diseases, their diagnosis and surgical treatments, teaches the treatment principles for the pre-operative, post-operative and injured individuals.

406 Clinical Pharmacology Clerkship
The objective of this clerkship is to teach students how to write out a prescription in accordance with the rules of pharmacology and that is supported by rational data; to teach detecting patient’s problem (communicating with patients and their relatives and provide them with the right information), expalaining the pharmacotherapy (decide on a rational pharmacotherapy), examining the effectiveness of drugs, how to apply the drug doses (i.v. injection, i.v. infusion, subcutaneous injection and local administration applications).

MED 407 Respiratory Diseases Clerkship
Provides knowledge about the epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical aspects  of the frequently encountered pulmonary diseases and their diagnosis, treatment and follow-up protocols.

MED 408 Cardiology Clerkship

MED 501 Radiology Clerkship
The aim of the lecture is to give a basic information about the radiological methods and radiological procedure used in general radiology and prepare the student to the internship exam.

MED 502 Aneasthesiology and Reanimation Clerkship
To teach trainees the basic theoretical knowledge and practical applications on anesthesia, intensive care and pain issues.

MED 503 Forensic Medicine Clerkship
Provision of health services of forensic medicine, best practices in line with the teaching of concepts and principles associated with and forensic cases of clinical (traumatic examination of people, expertise, identification of disability, abuse and sexual assault examinations, drug use, etc.). and forensic scientific and systematic approach of death by autopsy to determine cause of death, medical evidence to determine the origin of the event is to teach how to create.

MED 504 Psychiatry Clerkship 
Diagnosing psychiatric disorders, through learning semiology Gaining skills in learning diagnostic categories, how to treat and refer major psychiatric disorders in primary care.

MED 505 Orthopedics and Traumatology Clerkship 
Provides basic information about Orthopedics and Traumatology.

MED 506 Eye Diseases  Clerkship
Provides knowledge about various eye diseases, systemic diseases and their relationships with eye, basic medical and surgical treatments and ocular emergencies.

 MED 507 Ear Nose Throat Diseases Clerkship
To teach about ear nose throat head and neck region, covered by auditory, vestibular system, facial nerve, salivary glands, face region, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx, oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx anatomy,  physiology, and diagnosis and treatment of diseases that they will encounter in their professional life. To give basic audiology knowledge and teach audiometry devices and the basic examination methods.

MED 508  Neurology Clerkship
The aim of the lecture is to give basic information about the pathophysiology of neurological disorders and treatment mechanisms of drugs used in neurology and prepare the students for the clerkship exam.

MED 509 Neurosurgery Clerkship
To teach examination techniques and diagnostic methods of neurosurgical diseases as well as indications of medical and surgical approches.

MED 510 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clerkship
To critically assess the concept of rehabilitation from the diagnosis of the illness to the organization of the necessary treatment together and grasping the importance of this process, not only in treating rheumatological diseases, but also in cases of ceasing the limitations born out of the orthopedical and neurologic diseases from becoming lasting.

MED 511 Dermatology Clerkship
To provide the students with the general theoretical and practical knowledge  about the  etiology, diagnosis, laboratory findings, clinical features and treatment of skin and mucous membrane diseases.

MED 512 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clerkship
To introduce plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery occupational tips, teach trainees basic knowledge about the types of wounds and treatment; teach the timing in the treatment of cleft lip and cleft palate and the other congenital abnormalities, informing the relatives of patients; management of the patients with head and neck trauma, diagnosis and treatment principles of soft tissue injuries and facial fractures and enable to give first aid service in such patients;  to teach the basic principles of grafts and flaps, diagnosis and treatment principles of pressure ulcers, lymphedamatous diseases; to teach the diagnosis and treatment principles of the burns’ sequelae; to provide basic knowledge about hand surgery; to make students competent in the basic principles of plastic surgery, enable them to perform wound care with simple suture techniques and dressing.

MED 513 Urology Clerkship 
The acquisition of urological signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment modalities.

MED 515 Infectious Diseases Clerkship
The acquisition of etiology, diagnosis, laboratory findings, clinical characteristics and treatment modalities of infectious diseases.

MED 516 Clinical Ethics Clerkship
The main issues of medical ethics are duties and responsibilities of the physians. The other issues are morality, doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics and the patient's rights laws, important for medicine. Medical ethics clerkship helps students to solve difficult situations when faced with cases of patients. To comply with the ethical principles in their relations with their colleagues to be informed.

MED 517 Elective Clerkship (Child Psychiatry)
To teach children and adolescents’ normal mental, emotional and social developmental stages;  the recognition and identification of developmental problems and psychiatric disorders observed in childhood and the acquisition of the basic knowledge and skills about its treatment.

MED 517 Elective Clerkship (Thoracic Surgery)
The purpose of thoracic surgery is to diagnose and treat diseased or injured organs in the thorax. It mainly includes the diseases of the lungs in which a general practitioner has to know and recall main pathologies. This clerkship aims to teach practical methods for diagnosis and major rules of clinical approach to a patient with thoracic trauma.

MED 601 Internal Medicine Internship
To give the main theorical and the practical principles of internal medicine. To teach how to combine the findings of the patients with the basic theorical information.  

MED 602 Pediatrics Internship
To develop the skills in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases.

MED 603 Gynecology & Obstetrics Internship
To teach the main principles of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

MED 604 Emergency Medicine Internship
To give information about emergency medicine.

MED 605 Public Health Internship
The aim of the course is; to teach the interns health care system and organization in Turkey, how evaluate the health status and identfy the health problems of the community, how to design and implement plans for controling these problems, how to promote the health status of the community and the general principles of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services.

MED 606 Psychiatry Internship
Diagnosing psychiatric disorders, through learning semiology gaining skills in learning  diagnostic categories, how to treat and refer major psychiatric disorders in primary care.

MED 607 Elective Internship (Internal ve Surgical Medicine)
Practicing the concerned speciality in the elected department.

MED 608 General Surgery Internship
To give information about general surgery, understanding the pathophysiological basis, explaining the diagnosis and surgical treatment, to teach the principles of treatment in preoperative and postoperative period.