SOS 669 Ph.D. Seminar
In this course, the students will learn how to review literature on a topic, develop a conceptual framework and write a paper. This course will help students in writing papers for other courses and also in preparation of a dissertation proposal.

SOS 601 Advanced Sociological Theories
In this course, the aim is to review and strengthen the sociological theories learned during undergraduate and master's programme years and to open the floor for new sociological theories, approaches and research papers.

SOS 602 New Developments in Sociological Methodology
Qualitative and quantitative research methods will be taught to the students for enabling them to understand the society in a realistic way and to reveal the problems and to produce solutions. They will be provided with the information of all stages from the planning of the research to the writing of it. Main aim of this course is to constitute a sound base for the dissertation research of the doctoral students.

SOS 603 New Topics in Sociology of Knowledge
In this course, the relationship among the social structures, mind, knowledge production and ideologies will be studied. In addition to classical theories and approaches in sociology of knowledge, the recent and contemporary perspectives will also be discussed.

 SOS 604 Sociological and Anthropological Studies in Turkey
Sociological and anthropological research in various fields in Turkey will be examined and discussed.

SOS 605 New Tendencies in Gender Studies
Various studies from Turkey and around the world on the recent theoretical approaches in gender, the construction and change of the identities of woman and man will be examined.

SOS 606 Contemporary Feminist Theories
In this course, topics such as woman and identity, woman and institutions, woman and work life, woman and crime, woman and religion, woman and violence, woman and media will be examined by the opening of feminist theories to discussion.

SOS 607 Cultural Studies
This course will examine cultural studies approach as it emerged in Britain and spread to other countries. Students will be exposed to the interdisciplinary nature of cultural studies, and its openness to global as well as local contributions.

SOS 608 Society and the City
In this course, topics such as urban communities and institutions, the evolution of cities in Europe and Asia, feudal-traditional, early modern, industrial and global cities, urbanization and the theories of urban growth, satellite urbanization, urban transformation, security, gated urban communities will be examined in a historical and comparative way.

SOS 609 New Theories and Studies in Sociology of Religion
In this course, the ways religions are perceived and identified within the social reality, individual and collective meaning attribution and application processes will be studied in terms of the relationship between society and religion.

SOS 610 Social Deviance and Control
This course will include the sociological examination of power and authority, the approaches towards the research of the understanding of the social basis of laws, the concepts and theories about crime and deviance, formal and informal social control strategies in different social/cultural contexts.

SOS 611 Social and Economic Transformations in Turkey
In this course, socio-economic changes in Turkey especially after the second constitutionalist period will be studied. Additionally, developments in agriculture, industry, services and information sector will be examined sociologically.

SOS 612 The History of Sociology in Turkey
In this course, the historical progress of Turkish sociology will be examined by focusing on the works of some Turkish sociologists.

SOS 688 Advanced Readings in Sociology
The aim of this course is to form a reading list on a theoretical topic, chosen together by the student and the faculty member, that will include the recent developments in the literature and to carry the student to an advanced level on the basis of these readings/discussions.

SOS 679 Qualifying Examination

The aim is to prepare the doctoral student for the doctoral qualifying examination.

SOS 689 Ph.D. Thesis Proposal

SOS 699 Ph.D. Thesis
After they complete their courses and pass the qualifying examination, doctoral students present their dissertation proposals to thesis monitoring committee. The research carried out by the student in the following terms with the supervision of dissertation advisor will be presented to thesis monitoring committee and the feedback will be given.

SOS 694  Ph.D. Thesis IV
The thesis prepared will be presented to a five-member jury and defended. The jury should consist of the advisor and other members of the thesis monitoring committee and at least one member of the jury should be from another university and one other member from another department as externals.

SOS 505 Sociology of Socio-Cultural Changes
In this course, the relationship between culture and society, the emergence and development of the concepts of civilization and culture, the modernization of society and culture, the relationship between modernization and secularization, the differentiation of economic, legal and scientific institutions, the autonomy of these institutions or systems from each other, from state and from religion will be examined. Culture's emergence as a different concept from religion and civilization will be discussed. Globalization, world system and “empire” theories and culture, non-linear socio-cultural change processes, hierarchical and network structural societies, modernity, post-modernity, civilization arguments, cultural changes, cultural hybridity, globalization, localization and glocalization will be studied.

SOS 506 Contemporary Society and Industry
Social and cultural dimensions of the relationship between informational service sector and industrial sector, transition from Taylorism-Fordism to flexible production and social-cultural dimensions of this transition, local, national and global industry, newly industrializing countries and “Anatolian tigers” are among the topics of the course.

SOS 507 Social Stratification and Sociology of Class
In this class, Marxist class analysis and criticism, Weberian stratification analysis, contemporary class and stratification theories, horizontal society, hierarchical society, class, race, ethnic and sexual inequalities will be discussed.

SOS 508 Historical Sociology
Students will be informed about the relationship between history and sociology, macro sociology, nation and nation-state formations, law-market-politics, bourgeois revolutions, socialist revolutions, independence wars and they will be encouraged to discuss these topics.

SOS 509 Population Dynamics
In this course, students will be informed about birth, death and migration tendencies, demographic analysis methods, demography studies, theories and problems. Social, cultural, economic and political aspects of demographic movements/trends will be examined.

SOS 511 Sociology of Science and Technology
Science, technology and techno-science will be examined in historical, social and cultural contexts. The relationship between sociology of knowledge and science-technology-sociology relation, information society and techno-science topics will be covered.

SOS 512 Social Movements and Sociology of Identities

Antagonistic relationships, construction of collective and individual identities, social identity and self, old and new social movements are the main topics in this course.

SOS 513 New Developments in Political Sociology
Antagonistic, agonistic and deliberative political approaches, the crisis of representative democracy, citizenship and globalisation are the main subjects of this course. In this context, industrial and democracy revolutions in Western Europe, politics/power struggles in the world and in our region will be discussed.

SOS 514 Sociology of Art
Sociology of art which is a subfield of sociology, scrutinizes the social world of art and aesthetics. In this class, art and aesthetics, knowledge, culture and science will be associated; their interaction with each other and the conditions of art and design's prominence in the global world will be discussed.

SOS 515 Migration and Space
In this class, the factors that cause migration, social consequences of internal migration and emigration,   migrants' connection with space, the role of different cities in the construction of migrant identity and the transformation of cultural identities as a result of migration will be studied.

SOS 516 Sociology of Media and Popular Culture
In this course, popular culture and its social effects will be scrutinized. Using popular culture's different distributors such as cinema, television, music, fashion, books, magazines and internet, how popular culture is produced, how it is shared with others and how it is consumed will be discussed with examples from different countries.

İHA 500 Concept and Kinds of Human Rights
The course will examine the concept and the classifications of human rights, as well as the conceptual content of selected human rights and freedoms, and will discuss the specificity of these concepts as criteria for human rights.