EYD 511 Intercultural Awareness
The aim of this course is to deepen the understanding of the effect of cultural differences on the individual and school life. It is hoped that, with this awareness, leaders will be more equipped to solve possible problems faced at schools as a result of cultural differences and misunderstandings. In this context, the values of the Anatolian enlightenment will also be discussed and compared with those of other cultures.

EYD 512 Change Management
This course aims at teaching the nature of change, the various organisational attitudes towards change and examining the managers’ and employees’ points of views towards change. It will be studies how to manage chance in educational institutions, which are exposed to change all the time.

EYD 513 Action Research
Help students to become responsible, efficient, principled and effective consumer and producer of research and development and action research in trying to solve educational leadership problems faced in their educational environments in IB context.

EYD 514 Governance in Education
In this course, after underlying the importance of educational leadership and skills needed, students are helped to shape school culture, develop a shared strategic vision and mission for the school, formulate aims, targets and key performance indicators. In this connection, governance model theory, actors in governance, communication and social networks are discussed. In this connection, local and national cultural links will be established.

EYD 515 Assessment in IB Programmes
This course aims to introduce formative and summative concepts, principles and techniques in line with IB philosophy to check the national and international quality standards and to develop students’ skills to understand the role of testing and assessment in the instructional process, and to administer tests and assessments properly, use and interpret their results effectively to make modifications in IB programs and assessment procedures as IB educational leaders.

EYD 516 Leadership in Education
The objective of this course is to introduce participants to the challenges and complexities confronting school leaders and help them reflect upon and improve their practice. To help participants understand their key role and instrumentality in fostering a climate conducive to organizational learning and improvement the course will bring theory, research and practice together. The course will provide new insights into contemporary theories of leadershipand their relevance to the context of schools. Relevance of leadership theories and research to the IB programs will be analyzed and discussed, which will promote sharing of practical ideas thereby helping aspiring leaders improve their practices.

EYD 518 Educational Statistics
The aim of this course is to help the students learn and comprehend basic terms related with statistics in social sciences and learn to apply descriptive and inferential statistical techniques.

EYD 559 Research Method
Science, Scientific method and basic concepts of research, Types of research: Basic research, Applied research; Steps of research, Report writing in research, Models of research: Survey method, Test method; Techniques of research.