Course Structure Diagram with Credits

For students with master degree, Sociology Ph.D. Programme has 8 courses, 3 of which are compulsory and 5 elective adding up to 24 local credits and 120 ECTS credits; plus advanced readings in sociology and a qualification exam, and a Ph.D. Thesis with 120 ECTS credits, totally 240 ECTS credits.

For students with bachelors degree, the programme has in addition to above requirements, 2 mote terms with 8 more courses from second and third cycle course lists adding up to 42 local credits 300 ECTS credits in total.   

Please note that this department has been recently opened and hence it has only first year students. Although their syllabi are almost ready, the courses in 2nd to 4th years have not been thought yet and thereby their syllabi are retrived incompletely.