Course Structure Diagram with Credits

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences Social Work Undergraduate Programme consists of  129 local credits and 240 ECTS credits. Local credits are composed of theoretical (T) hours and half of Practice (P) hours making up the total local credits.

All of the programmes of Maltepe University, as it is included in the law on Higher education, include common core courses and Foreign Language courses as a second language and other common courses the University Senate determines. 25% of the curriculum should be formed of elective courses.

(Course structure diagrams of programmes presented in the ects web pages have been based on the 2011-12 academic year. 2012-13 academic year course structure diagrams by inclusion of few new programmes and new syllabi are presented in the following address:

Please note that this department has been opened two years ago and hence it has up to third year students. Although all syllabi of all courses are ready, the courses in second semester of third year and both semesters of 4th years have not been thought yet and thereby their syllabi are retrived incompletely.