Cost of Living

Maltepe University is located in Istanbul. If Istanbul is compared with other cities in terms of living costs (food, accommodation/housing, clothing, transportation, personal care, entertainment, etc.) it is less expensive than other major cities such as London, New York, Paris, etc. and more expensive than other Turkish cities such as Ankara, Izmir, and some international cities as well, like Cairo, for example. It should also be mentioned that as Maltepe University is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, certain living expenses will be lower than on the European side. The estimated costs for some living expenses are given in the table below. For students residing in the university dormitories, their monthly living expenses will not exceed 500 euro.

The monthly living expenses estimated for students:


€100-250 (per month)

Accommodation (Dormitory fee)

€ 200-500 (per month)

Housing (Rental Fee for a Furnished Flat)

€ 400-750 (per month)




€ 50-100

Personal care





Per book €10-30