Cancer and Stern Cell Research Centre

Aims are to:

  • Serve scientists, medical doctors and students studying on cancer and stern cell
  • Educate society on this
  • Make national and international research
  • Become a research centre in which requirements for the process, methodology and products are met in cancer and stern cell biology, genetic engineering, bio-technology and bio-informatics areas

Main duties are to:

  • Make scientific research on cancer and stern cell
  • Produce scientific data with national and international projects within the world standards
  • Organise curriculum for medical doctors, scientists and master and doctoral students, support their thesis
  • Provide technical and scientific opportunities to meet the demand
  • Make contribution to scientific and technological developments by collaborating with national and international academic and industrial organisations
  • Provide cells and cell products for research
  • Give consultancy service
  • Educate people on this