About the Programme

Preschool Teacher Education Programme was launched and accepted its first students in 2007 – 2008 academic year within the Faculty of Education. Our graduates can work as “Preschool Teachers” at private and public institutions. Pre-School Teacher Education Programme intends to provide teachers with the education that will enable them to have a sound understanding of the current trends and issues in early childhood education and effective practices and techniques for child development and learning, while guiding them to become individuals who cherish working with young children and are eager to learn with and from children at the same time. Our primary goal is to meet the increasing demand for skilled and knowledgeable teachers in our country.   

Our primary goal is to educate professionals who are self-confident, can contribute the field, have an ongoing motivation for learning and teaching, have the necessary knowledge and skills in early childhood education,  have the capacity for team work, enjoy working with young children, have effective communication skills and a desire for lifelong learning while supplying qualified staff to reduce the increasing  teacher shortage.

Our vision is to provide the preservice teachers with the opportunity to receive an innovative and multi dimentional education that will allow and support critical thinking,  and consider individual differences and needs.