About the Programme

Language conveys knowledge and meaning. Thus, learning a foreign language provides an opportunity to integrate other cultures’ knowledge and meaning into our own culture. As a result of this, we gain a chance to look at the world we are living in from different angles. In the current time, our world is conceived as a global integrity. English is a channel for us to have an access and understanding to this integrity. The fact that internet as a source of information is mainly on English displays our need to learn this specific language.  In that respect, the language education we provide in our department aims to develop a programme which raises an awareness that we are living in a multilingual, multicultural world, which eases the communication among cultures, which develops language awareness towards English syntax, discourse and concepts, which applies current language teaching approaches with the help of technology. Our aim in this programme is to train individuals who are inquisitive, critical towards themselves and the world, equipped with sufficient subject-matter knowledge and also teachers who apply current methods and approaches in foreign language education, become good models in the classroom to their students.

Our mission is to train the best non-native English language teacher who are professionally well-furnished and know their society and globe very closely. 

To train the best non-native English Language Teachers.