About the Programme

In recent years, the design of earthquake resistant structures is a subject which is being studied extensively worldwide. Almost the whole of Turkey is under the risk of earthquakes. In our country which suffers both loss of lives and properties due to earthquakes, there is a lack of educated technical staff and an interdisciplinary gap in this field. The aim of the Master Program in Structure-Earthquake Engineering is primarily to contribute to resolve this deficiency, to develop the investigation of the effects of earthquakes on structures and to train graduate students who are able to design earthquake resistant structures.

Average duration of study for MS degree with/without thesis is two years. The candidates are required to take at least two of the courses in the first two semesters and the seminar in the third semester. Elective courses are chosen from the available courses offered by the Civil Engineering Department and those offered by the Institute. For MS degree without thesis, term project is obligatory. Students in the program with thesis are reqauired to prepare and submit a thesis after earning 60 ECTS credits with courses in the program.

Since more than 90% of our country is on the world's most active seismic regions, destructive earthquakes occur quite often, causing loss of life and property. In our country, most of the existing buildings do not have adequate earthquake resistance and there is quite a lot of buildings to be strengthened. Therefore, the construction of new earthquake-resistant structures and the repair and strengthening of existing ones against earthquakes are very important for the country's economy. Since there is a lack of trained technical staff and scientists in this field and a need for interdisciplinary studies, the mission of the Structure-Earthquake Engineering Department is to resolve the deficiency of our country in this respect and to train graduate students who are aware of the problem.

To be an institution that proves its existence with its education, research and applications and to train well-educated graduate students in the field of Structure-Earthquake Engineering.