About the Programme

The International Trade and Logistics Management department was established in 2008-2009 academic year. There are two programmes in the department – one in English and the other in Turkish.

The purpose of the Department of International Trade and Logistics Management is to train management candidates who are equipped with basic principles, strategies, functions and the techniques of international trade and logistics, who can integrate theory with practice, who are capable of analytical thinking, problem solving and decision-making with a supply chain systems approach.

The program as its subject suggests requires multi-disciplinary work and has to be fed from other fields. The curriculum consists of compulsory core courses, compulsory area courses, courses from other departments, area electives and free electives. These courses, in addition to professional courses, include topics from economics, management, law and engineering.  Education is supported by summer training, seminars, symposiums and other activities.

To train graduates who can work especially in trade and logistics businesses, who can produce supply chain-oriented, interdisciplinary solutions from a global perspective, who are team players, having social and ethical values, well-informed, modern, and are enterprising

To become the foremost trade and logistics department by having graduates who will lead the industry with their research, projects and publications.