About the Programme

Doctorate of Arts in Cinema studies started in 2014-2015 academic year within the Fine Arts Department, Maltepe University. The programme covers a thesis study focused on creating a work of art with the objective of making contributions to the film industry, and aiming at presenting an opportunity to those who would like to be directors, script writers and film makers. The programme also serves as a creative and intellectual centre for artists aiming at an academic career.

Taking into consideration of the student’s own interests and intentions, the programme offers a comprehensive amount of academic knowledge, thus giving the students an eminent opportunity for creating their original work. In order to present a wide perspective, the students are supplied with many lectures on film theories, theoretical principles of fiction, conventional film discourse, new perspectives in cinema and analysis by expert academics and professionals from the industry.

Being very well aware of the fact that progress and improvement could only be achieved through a scientific approach, Doctorate of Arts in Cinema offers a programme to those who have an interest in academic studies and deliberate and well-informed  artists who will create their works  in a future which is undoubtedly an age of communication and knowledge. 

Doctorate of Arts in Cinema Programme takes 4 years including the thesis preparation process for students who have completed their Master Degree. The courses are thought in the evening. The programme welcomes those who have completed their undergraduate and graduate studies in different majors upon fulfilling the necessary requirements. Level theory courses are provided when necessity arises.

The programme aims at offering an academic opportunity to those who would like to be directors, script writers and film makers as well as making original, innovative contributions to the film industry.

The programme targets at being a pioneer in the realm of cinema through the contributions to the art of film making.