About the Programme

Sociology is the study of how people think, act and organise themselves in society. Through each year of this degree you will progressively build an understanding of theoretical frameworks and practical social research methods which can be used to analyse the structure, social change and possible future of modern society.

Sociology, sociological knowledge and the ability to think sociologically, help people to develop a critical view and attitude towards the society and the world that they live in. At the same time, they encourage the usage of this knowledge for the benefit of projects that serve the society and the humanity.

The aim of Maltepe University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology is to raise the knowledge of the students on the interaction between people and society by both theoretical and practical studies each semester. During the progression process, students will learn how to analytically look at social structure, change and the creation and future of modern society. Besides, they will learn how to gather, give meaning to and interpret data that is collected during social research and develop critical reasoning skills.

Writing and analysis, computer usage, and research methods are the skills our students will develop while working closely with the faculty members. Students will be involved in the independent study projects of the faculty members which will help them build their own research interests.

Sociology degree incorporates different areas of interest such as history, economy, politics, media, teaching, education, labour/work, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, law and crime. During their studies, students of the department will absorb how to make connections between these interests.

Our degree also provides a strong foundation for further academic study at post-graduate level and the taking of professional qualifications for all the above jobs and professions.

In the Department of Sociology, Turkish and English programmes are offered.


Training students who are conscious of social problems, aware of ethical values and who have critical view points.  Guiding them in researching and analyzing social life by evaluating the factors for development of social life and becoming active in shaping the future. Increasing the significance of sociology education, creating awareness towards the relation of sociology to other disciplines and professions, increasing awareness on the value of cultural differences and the variety of social behaviours which are the basis of a society, promoting the effectiveness of national and international student and staff exchange programs, encouraging the students for an academic career and for other professions.


To prepare graduates who have current knowledge and research experience at the national and international levels, in order to investigate and understand the social world and to contribute its development.