About the Programme

The ever growing and increasingly influential mass communications field is adopting the fast developing techniques and resources without delay. This profession with its local, national and global reach and scope needs qualified personnel who could adapt to all kinds of developments; who know and observe the fundamental professional rules, and who are equipped with sufficient knowledge and competence.

New concepts like media criticism, community journalism, media training, media literacy have become much more important. The research done and the specific projects carried out together with the courses will prepare the students for their further education and responsibilities in life and also provide them with the experience to apprehend and investigate the social problems with a critical approach. 

Theoretical courses, practice, obligatory graduation projects and the possibilities of professional practice in our Section will help make able journalistic candidates out of the students. The education program updated in line with the prevailing conditions is put into practice to educate the students precisely according to the needs of the media. Our graduates will be able to enter into employment with all the local, regional and national media and production companies and may also work for the official and private institutions in press and media related duties. The language of education is Turkish.

Provide the students with the necessary theoretical information about and a practical experience in the equipment they will use and inculcate in them the drive to grab the fundamental skills, to acquaint themselves with matters related to general culture; insure them develop the habit of working in teams; and to furnish them with legal and ethical information pertaining to the profession

To be the pioneering focus of education, research and practice which raises professionals with the fundamental communication skills; professionals who can carry these skills over to the multi-faceted professional environment and merge them with knowledge and experience; who observe the ethical rules; who uphold the public interest in their professional dealings; and who have a critical outlook on the world at large and themselves.