About the Programme

Architectural Restoration Program aims to train well equipped technical personnel who is able to develop inventory examinings of examples of civil architecture and monuments and monumental buildings, prepare building surveys, restitution proposals, restoration projects, and take part in the implementation of these projects. The program also aims at preserving our cultural heritage with all aesthetic and historical values and handle them down to future generations. Architectural Restoration Program is an associate degree program and is for 2 years, except for the optional English preparatory class.

Our  basic aim is to elicit and to protect the cultural values ​​of our country, and to fill the gap of qualified man power with architectural and archeological knowledge who will work in the field of urban planning in the light of scientific data.

On the basis of theoretical and practical teaching system, to train qualified manpower in the field of architectural restoration and to make our alumni acquire the knowledge of contemporary urbanism, archeology, architecture, restoration, conservation, archeology, history, art history and also environmental consciousness that are required by all fields