About the Programme

Accounting and Auditing Department has been established in 2009-2010 education year within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Although it is newly established the department takes firm steps forward to its targets.

Because of in accordance with internal and international regulations about reliability of financial information, accounting and auditing education is needed in Turkey. Graduate students of this program will also have high positions and career opportunities in accounting, tax, management consultancy, government and non-profit organizations’ accounting, bank accounting, internal auditing, cost management and financial analysis areas. 

Because of their vocational educations accountants and auditors must know all systems which used in different industries and also they must have enough information and ability about designing new systems. To meet these requirements and in order to improve students’ background, our department study with different field-proven firms where people and academicians have real-life experience about the market, sectors and research and development activities.

The mission of the Accounting and Auditing Department is to raise graduates who will be able to compete in the related field, have enough vocational education and knowledge, keep oneself up-to-date with the latest developments, creative, have analytical thinking and adhere to ethical principles and responses who can train new accountants and auditors to get across knowledge about accounting which needed in society and business world.

Our vision is being the most qualified in our field and to get a respectable place in similar departments of universities in other countries.