About the Programme

To be able to find solutions to recent problems and developing current solution techniques is only possible with having a strong mathematical background and analytical thinking. Besides, technological developments and science world requires to have advanced level of mathematics. Accordingly, theoretical mathematics has been improving a great pace along with applied mathematics. As a result of these developments, mathematics has about a hundred subfields recently.  The Mathematics Master Program at Maltepe University has been aware of these realities and has adapted the curriculum which consists of both pure and applied mathematics courses since 2005-2006 academic year.

Our graduate alumni may continue on their academic career at eminent foreign or domestic universities. Some of the fields which the Mathematics Master Program alumni may concentrate on their professional life are being an academician, mathematical modeling and healthcare systems optimization, environmental issues, climate and cosmology, molecular dynamic, bioinformatics, encryption for credit card security, security in banking operations, safety in communication, modeling of airplanes, design of integrated circuit, investment planning and risk analysis.

The objective of the graduate program in Mathematics is to bring up individuals who will see relations between mathematical thinking and normal life, be one step ahead in working life, represent our country at international platforms well,

The aim of the program is to bring up eminent mathematicians who can make a contribution  at national and international platforms and represent our country well abroad.