About the Programme

The graduate level program was established in 2010 under the Department of International Trade and Logistics Management and commenced education during the 2010-2011 academic year.

The theme of the program is fed by various fields and requires inter-disciplinary work.  The courses are divided into compulsory core courses and electives. In addition to vocational courses there are relevant field courses such as economics, business administration, law and engineering.  The program is supported with business English, research assignments, seminars, symposiums and workshops. 

There are two versions of the program: with or without a thesis.  The program without thesis requires students to prepare a 30 credit Graduation Project following 90 ECTS.

Our graduate students knows the realities of our country, can merge their theoretical knowledge of international trade and logistics with their experiences, refresh their knowledge.  Our department creates solutions to the problems of the sector, and transfers this knowledge to the students and the members of the sector.

We will become an national and internationally acknowledged, most desired department leading in education, research and publication