About the Programme

Business Administration Department has been established 1998 under the roof of the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences. Department has been continually raising students which the market needs. During this period, the members of Business Administration department have been carrying out national and international academic studies and organizing workshops with the cooperation of sectors in order to teach the actual business problems and applications to the students.

Business Administration department has been graduating manager candidates who will be able to take place at different levels and functions of business world. Our graduates will be able to take places in finance, human resources, marketing, accounting, production departments of business organizations. 

The mission of the Business Administration Department is to have graduates who will be able to take place in both local and global organizations and who will be successful working in a team creating inter disciplinary solutions to the problems by using analytical way of thinking.

The vision of Business Administration Department is to be a distinguishing department with its graduates and academic studies, among its equivalences, by structuring its academic programme within the framework of scientific principles.