About the Programme

The necessity of teaching mathematics at any school level is universally acknowledged. In any country, mathematics education should be considered as important as teaching a native language. Mathematics helps revealing the individual’s innate skills and developing new ones. It is a universal communication tool which is instrumental in developing logical thinking skills and reaching certainty and absolute truths. One other important aspect of mathematics is that it fosters students’ high level skills such as critical and abstract thinking, analyzing and synthesizing.

Therefore, we offer a rich and extensive education programme aiming to train teachers who have in-depth knowledge of instructional methods related to mathematics education, are competent in mathematics and are capable of using all the instructional technologies effectively.

The mission of the programme is to meet the rapidly increasing need for qualified teachers by training teachers who have motivation for learning and teaching, who are capable of sharing their knowledge with students effectively, who have strong communication skills, who aim at lifelong learning, who have in-depth content knowledge of mathematics, who know methods and techniques necessary for teaching mathematics well, and who can use all possible technology in mathematics education.  

Vision of Primary School Mathematics Education Programme is to become a pioneer to other mathematics education programs by training qualified mathematics teachers who benefit from all technological means.