About the Programme

The scope of interior architecture as a profession includes design and organization activities of indoor elements, upon the user’s requirements and architectural elements in a space.

The education in the Department of Interior Architecture, which is founded within the University’s Faculty of Architecture, practices in the framework of a contemporary program that follows the innovations and aims to build basic values of interior architecture for the candidates in this profession.

The creativity of the students is aimed to be increased due to conceptual and practical studies, exhibition visits, tours, seminars and summer practices. The students are prepared for professional life with such activities that increase their observation and practical abilities.

The interior architecture as a profession is the intersection between design and technical fields. It is expected that the students will be provided with full of interest and aim to work in these fields with appropriate professional vision.

An interior architect combines technique, knowledge and art by using his creativity in competence and conception upon user’s request and acclaim.  

Interior Architecture (English) Undergraduate Program gives education since 2012.

The graduates of the Department of Interior Architecture are entitled to bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Interior Architecture) and can work in design, application and manufacture departments of interior architecture fields.


The mission of Department of Interior Architecture is to provide competence and equality in national and international standards, in theoretical and application fields of education; to train interior architects and interior designers, who are creative, investigative, having innovative thinking system and the skill and information of theory, design and application, can create interdiciplinary relationships, can accord with the contemporary dynamics and have ethical values. To train interior architects and interior designers, who consider the related facts to design spaces which can respond aesthetical, technical, ecological, economic, cultural, historical, social, environmental and etc. requirements.


The vision of the department of the interior architecture is to be a program whose alumni are aimed to be preferred of first priority in national and international platforms, in which pioneer studies and researches in interior spatial design and application fields are done to increase the life quality of the society through interior architecture.