About the Programme

Interior architecture is defined as a profession which is qualified with professional-level training, experience and examinations to improve the quality and the efficiency of human life with enriching and raising the quality of the interior in order to ensure health, safety and happiness of the user.(CIDA) Today, the building sector is rapidly changing with the development of computer technologies, globalization and concepts of sustainability. Depending on these global changes, the profession of interior architecture also requires new expertise.

In this context Master of Interior Architecture Program located within the Graduate School of Science and Engineering conducts two programs with thesis and without thesis in order to ensure students advance their knowledge in their fields, and transfer their knowledge and skills to the production of interior architecture. Program without thesis mainly focuses on design projects and is completed with a graduation project study. This program aims students to transform theoretical knowledge to profession practice efficiently and to be competent at indoor design. Program also promotes and encourages the development of individual, community and environmental sensitivity with critical and free thinking at all stages of education.

Master Degree is an important step for individuals who wish to maintain their professional development and academic career. As the profession of Interior Architecture is an intersection of art, design and technical issues, student candidates should have desire to specialize in these areas and possession of professional vision throughout their lives.

To redound master degree certification by training professionals who poses the professional vision of Interior Architecture, adopt innovative design concept, have problem solving ability and sufficient technical basics to realize design studies with systematical way of thinking, have sense to social requirements, enhance environmental awareness, can make team work and fallow contemporary developments.

Our vision is to be the center of application and theoretical studies which contribute to interior architecture as being a program which is highly recognized in national and international platforms and chosen primarily by our education quality that emprises on  free and critical way of thinking, sensitivity to global developments in the areas of society, science and art.