About the Programme

About Program (Learning Objectives)

The Public Relations and Publicity undergraduate program aims to provide the students basic communication field as well as the knowledge, application skills and discipline-specific competencies in the fields of public relations, advertising and marketing communication alongside with the theoretical framework.

The structuring of the teaching is based on student-oriented, application opportunities, sector collaboration, and the use of new learning methods and technology in courses. This aim of the program is to enrich the learning of faculty members by accompany case studies, meetings with industry professionals, research, competitions and multidisciplinary studies.

 According to the mentality of the programme, the student community is encouraged to internalize the profession, to make creative projects, to participate in competitions, to provide opportunities and to create collaborative opportunities. It is a priority to ensure that the flourishing learning environment created by students and faculty members continues after graduation.

To being the continuation of the undergraduate programs of Marketing Communication Master Program and Public Relations and Advertising PhD programs within the Department of Public Relations and Publicity is an indicator of corporate sustainability.



The aim of this course is to educate experts who have theoretical knowledge and application skills, sensitive to ethical, social problems and agenda, ability to approach critically and produce creative solutions in the field of public relations, advertising and marketing communication.


Our main vision is to educate distinguished graduates by preserving the student focus of the education in the fields of public relations, advertising, marketing communication and enriching the learning environment by 360 degree collaborations, internationalization and increasing the knowledge of the academic staff.