About the Programme

One of the most important requirements of our age is communication and the most important task in communication is declined to the visual communication design.

Each day we observed dozens of web pages, newspapers and magazines to read, enjoy and sense pages, books, posters, advertisements, packaging that is attracted our interest, introductory brochures, catalogs, logos and so on. These all visual materials are the graphic design products.

All these hae bog standard aims to transmit the message, image or information as the fastest way to the target audience. At this point the need for graphic design was began.

The designer has already delivered to the desired message to convey to the masses who are under an intense bombardment of visual functionality, designer has to capture the difference. This can be achieved, first with the qualified graphic design education, multicultural, wide vision, age appropriate and original thinking entity can implement necessary training of graphic designers.

In our graphic design department we aim this kind of education. Students in four-year undergraduate training with a concentration in graphic design, committed, typography, photography and illustration, in addition to that courses which are developed and supported their creativity and culture.

Students and educators direct control of the programme are processed in a theoretical and practical in the disciplines of research Vocational courses in computer labs which hae adequate equipment. Our alumnies take on their duties such as photography, screenland sectors by setting up their own business also they can graft in advertising agencies, visual media organizations, printing.

In the pitch of Graphic Design, with the knowledge and skills to compete at the international level, communicators who are capable of individual for group graft, embraced the importance of lifelong learning, followed and contributed to developments in the pitch, creative, cocksure, sensitive to universal values​​, depending on the ethical principles and a sense of responsibility to provide training for the development of advanced graphic designers.

In the National and international level graphic design equivalent of the prestigious performing organizations, preferred in the pitch of graphic design graduates, post-graduate education that prepares and views on new technology, training that takes gaff in the professional activities, the image of a partition is to be high.