About the Programme

The department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts was founded with the aim to support all of its students in realising their ambitions as learners within a diverse and fully inclusive educational faculty. We are dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the rich Turkish culinary heritage in an academic milieu and to the promotion of this culture throughout the world. Our ambition is to maximise our student's potential for learning and their achievements. The gastronomy department is committed to widen the knowledge, experience and provide a basis for lifelong learning.  

Mission of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department program, is to train well equipped chef, manager and academian with the necessary knowledge and practice who are globally competitive in the food and beverage industry, in the national and international. We are create the possibility to find more work in area during training of  the students in the national or by international area,  international environment. In our department the courses constantly update researching the food sector and universities with cooperation.

Our department was founded with the mission of introducing and endearing Turkish and world cuisine. We aim to educate our students as good graduateds, which are; know the specifications and techniques of Turkish and world cuisine,protecting and contributing researches on Turkish cuisine, promoting rich Turkish cuisine at international platforms,keeping the focus of their works on safe food.

Our department has adopted the vision to contribute to the promotion os Turkish culinaty and focuses on high quality and permanent educational approach. This program plans to raise the students as world citizens. In the light of science, undergraduate education during, students learn food technology-legislation-hygiene-storage conditions-risks management. in addition to courses related to food, students by giving lectures on business, marketing and tourism improve the professional knowledge in practical and theoretical. In additional, this program plans considering the world resources, being actors for reducing waste, supporting biodiversity, thinking global and consuming local, being respectful towards human, animals and nature, accomplishing social responsibilities and sustaining ethic values.