About the Programme

Software Engineering (SE) is increasingly becoming an important area of study for the advanced technological applications in the modern world. Today, Information Technology (IT) driven by software engineering is used extensively in areas of banking, communications, medicine, energy systems, design and production. In all these areas applications require efficient, reliable, trusted, scalable and maintainable software.

Software Engineers are to develop large software applications as they consider user requirements, cost constraints, technical and economic feasibility, security, dependability, ease of maintenance, quality and deliverability. Software Engineers, in addition to having a strong technologic and engineering background, should be highly skilled in project management, communication and administration issues.  Maltepe University adapts a cross-discipline approach for the SE curriculum. The courses from computer engineering, industrial engineering, general sciences, economics and social sciences are integrated into SE course of the study to endow the graduates with all the necessary skills required by the Industry and the society. As a whole, SE programme is designed for the software engineers to possess the highest standards of software engineering principles. The Department of SE  has both Turkish and English programmes.


The mission of Software Engineering Department at Maltepe University is to teach the principles of software engineering through theory and practice to the software engineering candidates, so that they are  able to analyse, design and develop large and complicated software systems needed by the industry and society.


The vision of Software Engineering Department is to create a universal   programme both in theory and practice aspects of software engineering. In this respect, the teaching environment aims to have graduates who are creative, entrepreneur, cooperative, open minded, and aware of social and environmental issues.