About the Programme

Industrial Engineering Master Program’s aim is to educate grad students who can find solutions for industry problems by using scientific methods, and who are focused on research and development and who are competent in system modeling and design and who are experienced in fields such as operations research, productivity management, production planning, quality management, statistical process control, simulation, work and time study, facility planning, inventory management, labor force planning, engineering economy, cost accounting, project management, optimization. Master program is supported with dynamic laboratory studies to satisfy current requirements in industry.

Besides, it is an advantage for students that our faculty member transfers their experiences and knowledge that they gained during their business life. Besides, implementation possibilities in the topic of finding solutions to commercial problems by using their expertnesses are provided to students by making cooperation with industry. Thesis and project topics are chosen in such a way that they can lead their business life.

To develop productive, conscious, social, ethical, investigative and adaptable to innovations graduate students who can have profiency in industrial engineering.

To find solutions for industrial problems which are related with students’ profiencies by using scientific methods in the direction of University-Industry cooperation

To educate grad students who have knowledge and skill that provides them to compete in international arena in their field, to rang among leading master programs and to contribute science, technology and economy.