About the Programme

The department of Civil Engineering was established on March 2007 and the English programme started the education on the academic curriculum year of 2012-2013.

The primary objective of Civil Engineering (English) Programme is to make students gain the ability of engineering design and application, engineering fundamentals to develop solutions to civil engineering problems. Consequently, it is aimed to help students in developing their computation, programming, interactive communication and research ability. Besides, in this programme, the students will be provided to develop a strong ethical behaviour and attitude for social and professional life to gain the capability of creative thinking, working as a team and being an initiative and leader.

The purpose is that students graduating have capabilities and theoretical knowledge on math, science and engineering and using this ability in defining civil engineering problems by developing innovative and creative solutions utilizing convenient methodology, selecting suitable material application and technique as well as appreciating national and international engineering ethics and their social and environmental impacts. The students will be able to make observation, be questioning, having analytical thinking capability, following moral and ethical rules with advanced communication skills used to perform collaborative team work.


Using international standards and providing high quality undergraduate education, it is aimed to have civil engineers graduated who can keep up with the updates in the construction industry and contribute these developments by equipped with engineering fundamentals, design knowledge and application principles to produce rational solutions to society needs and problems, and therefore, they will contribute to enhance the quality of society through their ability of foreseeing global consequences and influences of professional work and applications and having self-confidence and responsibility, desire for life-time learning, owning principles for research, respectful to universal values and following ethical and moral rules.


The objective of the department is to be a well-known national and international civil engineering programme with high level of education as well as to be an outstanding department aiming to develop scientific research and technological advancement by collaborating with industry to enhance and contribute life standards of the society.