About the Programme

Industrial Engineering (English) programme was established at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in 2012-2013 academic year.

Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering that develops and applies various scientific methods with engineering by combining the knowledge and ability in science to design and establish new efficient systems and to increase the efficiency of the existing ones.

Industrial Engineers organize the procurement and use of sources such as workforce, knowledge, energy, raw materials, finance, time and equipment with the lowest cost and most effective means. They control and coordinate the flow of information in addition to the materials.  They organize or, if necessary, redesign the way companies do business (i.e. work flow and processes) to increase efficiency. They act as a bridge between the technical experts and the management. They provide scientific support to the mid and upper level managers in decision making. They work towards increasing the quality of production and service while decreasing the errors.

Our department has a strong faculty experienced in various aspects of industrial engineering such as organizational research, efficiency management, production planning, quality management, statistical process control, simulation, work and time management, facility planning, inventory management, workforce planning, investment planning, engineering economics, cost analysis, project management and optimization.  The topics are covered in details, supported through laboratory studies, and thus, presented to the students with a dynamic program answering the current demands. The faculty transfer their professional experience and knowledge from industry which provides an additional benefit to the students. Additionally, our department provides the means to our students to take the first step towards becoming successful industrial engineers through industrial collaborations and internship programmes.


The mission of the Industrial Engineering department is to educate world-class, leading engineers who are productive, conscious, social, and respectful to ethical and scientific values; who have analytical thinking ability and basic engineering skills; and who can adapt to changes.


The vision of the Industrial Engineering department is to become a world class department by educating engineers who have the knowledge and skills to compete on an international scale through the creation of an education and research environment of world standards.