About the Programme

The Child Development Programme is an associate degree programme founded in order to provide education and counselling aimed at enabling children to live in a healthy environment. The objective of the programme is to train intermediate staff for all units that supply services to children, families and society in general, through an educational programme which supports the development of children aged 0-18 years who are developmentally normal or who require special care. The programme consists of theoretical and applied courses related to the development and education of children aged 0-18 years. The applied courses contain individual and group education aimed at developmentally normal children or those requiring special care. All courses are undertaken together with field observations and practical work experience. These are carried out at public and private preschool education institutions and special education schools, and special education and rehabilitation centres.

Graduates of the Child Development Programme may work in private or public preschool education institutions, day care centres or nursery schools and special education and rehabilitation centres.

The medium of education is Turkish.

Our mission is to train caring child development personnel with child protection, education and research skills, who will respond to the intermediary staff needs of the field, and who will support the development and education of healthy children and youths and those requiring special care.  In addition, our mission is to produce graduates who will illuminate families and society on the healthy developmental and educational needs of children in keeping with changing scientific, technological, educational, and health requirements.

Our vision is to increase the importance of education in the field of Child Development; to create awareness regarding the relationship between child development and other disciplines and professional fields; and to become a programme that trains creative and self-confident child development personnel who are aware of society’s values, who are able to provide care and educational services, and who are highly sought after in the national and international fields of health and education.