About the Programme

Computers are inevitably replaced in every field of our daily activities since the era we live in is defined as information age. In all production and services sectors as well as in government agencies, computer systems play a major role in operations and increase both in quality and productivity as well as they fuel growth.

Computer engineering discipline has been advancing very rapidly such that the new becomes old within a few years. The programme at the department is in line with universal standards and is designed by closely monitoring the developments in scientific and technological needs of our country. While the foundations of computer engineering are taught, the programme and the courses are dynamically updated to reflect changes in the technology and the industry. With this approach, our students graduate with the knowledge, creativity to attack the information technology related problems in the industry and in the service sectors.

The laboratories carried out together with the corresponding theory classes prepare students apply their knowledge to real life like problems thereby helping them experience the type of problems they will face after graduation in their jobs. For these reasons, the Computer Engineering course programme is designed to give students both theoretical and practical foundation from the first year towards the fourth year starting from basics mathematics and science classes to software and hardware courses.

The education in Computer Engineering (Turkish) programme is in Turkish.


Maltepe University Computer Engineering Department’s mission is to provide a high quality education by teaching students the theories, principles, and applications of information age and the use of computer systems in addressing its challenges. With this approach, our graduates are well prepared to compete in a variety of national and international computer engineering jobs. Equipped with the knowledge and ability to do research, these students have the background to think correctly in critical situations through solving computer engineering problems. In addition, they learn how to express their ideas both verbally and in writing, while knowing and practicing their ethical responsibilities.


Known to as the information age, today, computers play important roles in every aspect of our lives. The use of computers and computer systems make significant contributions in all production and service sectors and in government agencies towards increasing productivity, quality, fueling growth, and life standards.

Computer engineering education changes very past parallel to advances in the technology. Within a year or two, new subjects quickly become the old. While following the scientific and technological advances very closely together with the national and international requirements, the department meets or exceeds the national and international education standards. The foundations of computer engineering and dynamically updated applications related subjects are taught to equip our graduates with the knowledge and experience to help address the problems they will face in the industry, service sectors, and government agencies.