About the Programme

Maltepe University Institute of Science Ph.D. programme in Computer Engineering presents a high-standard alternative to national and international programmes to those students who want to study computer engineering at the doctorate level.

The programme is structured with its faculty and its contents for its graduates to compete easily with graduates of other similar programmes utilizing their accumulated knowledge and research experience when they start their career.

Students are expected to complete the programme in four years. After taking courses for two years, students take their qualifying exam, and start working with their Ph.D. advisors on their research, which should be completed in additional two years.

Only the graduates with M.S. in Computer Engineering with thesis option can be accepted.

The number of Computer Engineering undergraduates and Master of Science programmes in general in Turkey and in particular in Istanbul has been increasing at a very fast rate. When the number of faculty members needed in these universities is considered, the importance of our programme is expected to be significant.  

Ph.D. programme in Computer Engineeringstarted in 2008-2009 academic year. The main objective of the programme is to give students the ability to do independent research and investigate and synthesize with a wide perspective, in depth and intelligently.

Bring together graduates of computer engineering students with M.S. degrees with thesis, educate them with the understanding of the theories and research methods for them to interpret and apply their acquired skills towards addressing advanced computer engineering problems and make unique contributions towards advancing the state of the art.

  • Equip our graduates with tools and educational skills to become leaders and competent researchers.
  • Solve complex problems, has the ability to make independent decision making, understand and address the evolving world.
  • Seek solutions to nation’s fundamental problems, expand the horizons of human knowledge and create the academic infrastructure of the future.

Be among the leading institutions in the national platform, produce solutions to computer engineering problemmes that use the culture and values of modern education thereby become a leading research and education center.