About the Programme

We are in an information age and computers today play a key role in every aspect of our daily lives. In all production and service sectors as well as government organizations, the use of computers increases productivity and quality, support growth, and provide positive contributions in all aspects.

Computer engineering field is a rapidly expanding field where new subjects and advancements become old within a few years. The program is designed to follow the advancements in the field world wide. While the foundation of the field is given to students, the curriculum and the course contents are updated regularly to reflect the recent advancements. With this approach, students acquire skills to solve problems faced in industrial and service sectors in creative and innovative ways.

Computer engineering Master of Science programs was established in 2004-2005 academic year. The main purpose of this program is to equip students with skills to understand universal computer engineering problems with a wide view, in depth and intelligently to analyze and solve them with new synthesiz, methods, tools, and processes.

The program is designed to follow the scientific and technological advancements while taking into consideration our country’s requirements to provide a universal level of education. The time to complete Master of Science program is six years with the non-thesis option.

The education in Master of Science program is in Turkish.


The mission of Computer Engineering Department at Maltepe University is to equip students well with information sciences subjects for them to be able to compete with their peers working at national and international organizations.

  • Equip our graduates with principles, tools, and skills to help them be leaders
  • Be one of the leading universities that can make significant contribution towards the advancement of fundamental knowledge and applications.
  • Provide computer engineering services towards meeting our country’s needs nu establishing a strong program.


The vision of Computer Engineering Department at Maltepe University is to present our students with the fundamental principles and advanced knowledge in computer engineering for them to become leaders in their fields who can shape the future.