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National Qualifications

The aim of  Turkey's Higher Education Qualifications  Framework is to share the works fulfilled in national level about National Qualifications Framework in higher education field and had been undertaken and completed by 2010, with all the internal and external shareholders of higher education for the targets of Lisbon Strategy, published by the European Union in 2000, and  of the Bologna Process in which our country was included in 2001 with the member countries' aims of increasing transparency, recognition, dynamism in higher education systems.

The qualifications in the higher education field mean what a person -completed a higher education degree successfully - can be competent at, know and do.

National Qualifications Framework expresses the qualifications for a national educational system and the relations between them. In other words, National Qualifications Framework is a system in which qualifications, which are recognized by national and international stakeholders and can be related, are structured within a certain organization. Through this system, all the qualifications for the higher education and the other learning outcomes can be explained and related to each other consistently.

Detailed information on National Qualifications can be accessed via this address: