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Language Courses

The medium of instruction is English at MU, and some departments/programmes teach in Turkish. All undergraduate students enrolled in departments/programmes where medium of instruction is Turkish are obliged to prove proficiency in English so as to follow compulsory English courses (English I and English II). 

If the students wish to prove their English level without completing English I and II, they can take the English Proficiency Exam held by Maltepe University's School of Foreign Languages or they can present documents that prove their success in national  (KPDS or UDS) or international language exams (IELTS or TOEFL). The validity of the scores of these exams is 3 years.

Vertical and undergraduate transfer students need to present their documents to be assessed and approved by the School of Foreign Languages if they have completed the prep school or are exempted from it.

If they cannot meet Maltepe University's criteria for English proficiency, they must attend the English preparatory programme offered by the School of Foreign Languages. Apart from the English prep school, they can also take courses in one of eight different foreign languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Russian). In this way, both Maltepe University students and foreign students can pursue international education opportunities to increase their personal development and competency.