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Evaluation System, Grading Principles and Achievement Conditions

Evaluation System

Each semester, students are given at least one mid-term exam (or a project, field study, etc.) and a final exam. Apart from the exams, quizzes can be held without specifying the date.

The evaluation criteria to be taken into account (mid-term exam, homework, final exam, etc.) and their ratios are indicated in the course curriculum and syllabus distributed to students and posted on the website at the beginning of the semester. Final examinations are held in the specified place and time as announced by the university. Grades given to quizzes, mid-term exam grades, final exam grades and the grades that the students take from the field studies and/or projects which they carry out during the term and their attendance are taken into account by the instructor in charge of the course and given students' term course grades. The courses that won’t hold a mid-term and/or final exam are determined by the Department Heads or School Managers. This information is shared with the Student Affairs’ Office and success in those courses is assessed according to the field studies and/or projects and other activities  that students carry out during the term.

Grading Principles and Achievement Conditions

There are two kinds of regulations in Maltepe University. The first one is for the students who registered to Maltepe University before and in 2009 (Regulation 1-Y1) and the second one is for those students who registered after and in 2010 (Regulation 2-Y2).

For the students who registered before and in 2009 (Regulation 1-Y1):

Determining the grade of a student from a course; her/his achievement level of the course during the year or the semester, the grade average of mid-terms and the grade of final exam are evaluated together. If appropriate, the instructor may evaluate homework or laboratory / field projects or the quizzes relating the course as a mid-term. Also s/he may evaluate those as an addition to the mid-term as separately. However, in order to succeed a student has to get a minimum of 50 (Grade as letter is CC) out of 100 from all mid-terms, final or re-sit exams. 40% of the mid-term grade and 60% of the final or re-sit exam make the achievement grade. Common compulsory courses such as Turkish Literature, Fine Arts, Sport, and Music are evaluated as pass or fail. Those students who get a grade lower than 50/100, are given a re-sit exam during a week after final exam period. In order to be successful, the student should receive at least 50/100 from this exam.

For the students who registered after and in 2010 (Regulation 2-Y2):

The instructors evaluate each of their students who registered for their course, using the method of relative achievement evaluation system of MUBIS-Student Affairs System (OIS), according to the provisions 31, 32 and 33 of Maltepe University Regulation of Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination.

Grades AA, BA, BB, CB and CC are passing grades, while DC and DD are passing grades under the condition of total grade point average for that term for the student being 2.00 out of 4.00. Grade F is a failing grade.

In the table below course grade for the term is given with point and coefficient equivalents.

Point  equivalent

Term Course Grade (Letter)


























Repeating the class

For the students who registered before and in 2009 (Y1):

When a student does not fulfil the compulsory attendance at minimum, when a student does not get 50 at least from the final exam and when her/his average final grade is under 50, s/he has to repeat the course. 

For the students who registered after and in 2010 (Y2):

The students who get an F (Fail, BSZ) or Unattendant (DVZ) and fail; and the students who registered for a course and withdraw; have to take that course in the first semester it is opened and have to fulfil the compulsory attendance conditions.

Repeating the semester

For the students who registered after and in 2010 (Y2):

Beginning from the end of second semester, success of student is followed according to the Cumulative Total Grade Average at the end of each semester. The students who do not have an average of 1.80 shall repeat the semester. Those students repeat all the courses with a grade under CC.

For successful students (First Cycle students)

At the end of a term, the students who have an average of at least 2.00 are considered as successful. The students who have Grade Point Average between 3.00-3.49 are evaluated as “Honour Student” and the students who have Grade Point Average between 3.50-4.00 by the end of the semester taking at least normal workload are evaluated as “High Honour Student”.

For graduate students (Second and Third cycle students)

Examination regulations, Assessment and Grading pages for graduate students are listed under each programme of the graduate schools.